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About us

Ours is a continental institute with a regional base and global scope. At African Institute of Public Health Professionals (AIPHP) we are ready to partner with health  agencies and institutions place priority to the health of individuals, public and the development of environment.

Globally, over40 million people die annually from Non – Communicable Diseases. 84% percent of these deaths occur inLow- Middle Income Countries (LMICs), including India, China, Mexico, Philippines, and many countries in Africa. Also,an estimated5million die from communicable diseases yearly in Africa.

We in AIPHP believe these diseases are preventable through the institution of right culture of hygiene, sensitization programme, procurement and administration of vaccines all done at the right time by trained professionals operating in the right environment. Africa would be freed from killer diseases that have been threatening our existence as a race. In this task, we seek the collaboration of all stakeholders towards the realization of a continued healthy generation.

Our vision is to reduce the health burden to the barest minimum across the continent of Africa.

The mission statement remains to build a strong network of seasoned public health professionals all over Africa through researches, continued trainings and retraining, workshops, symposia, seminars, conferences, sensitizations campaigns and collaborations, thereby creating healthy generations.

The objectives of our institute include the followings:

  • To foster collaboration among Public health professionals in Africa and indeed all over the world.
  • To promote and empower Public health professionals in Africa.
  • To collaborate with the professionals and other inter – sectorial agencies in the world.
  • To recognize an honor Professionals who have contributed to the development of the profession globally
  • To actively participate in bringing relief to the region plagued by epidemiological and environmental problems across the world.
  • To build the capacity and strong network of seasoned professionals across the world
  • Continued professional training through workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia and courses within and outside Africa.
  • To assist in health policies formulation and development

What Public Health Means:

The science and act of promoting and protecting health and well-being, preventing ill-health and prolonging life through the organized efforts of the society. Public health covers the organized efforts of the society to improve and sustain health in populations-integrating population level and individual action and encompassing many disciplines and approaches. Registered world-class scientists working in many of the disciplines that are needed to address multifaceted health problems that face our population.

Our institute believes that public health:

  • Is population based.
  • Is multi – disciplinary-everyone in health care sector has important role to play.
  • Emphasizes collective responsibility for health, its protection and disease prevention.
  • Acknowledge the key role of state, linked to a concern for the underlined socio-economic and wider determinant of health as well disease.