Editorial Instructions

Instructions to Authors of Manuscripts

Authors’ submitting manuscripts for publication in the journal of African Institute of Public Health Professionals JAIPH) are to follow strict guidelines contained in these pages.

Category of manuscripts. The Manuscripts submitted may be empirical studies, a systematic review of specific subjects/phenomena, a letter to the editor addressing certain issues related to public health, and a Data Note.


Manuscript Submission.

Send your prepared manuscript for consideration to the editor-in-chief through email with a cover letter indicating the proposed category of the article (e.g. Empirical Research, Systematic Review, letter to the editor, Preliminary Data Notes), ensuring format, word counts, and confirming that the final manuscript is consistent with journal requirement below and has been seen and approved by all authors.


Manuscript Preparation

The manuscript for submission should be prepared in MS Word and organized submission to follow this order: title page, abstract with keywords, boy of the paper, acknowledgments, declarations of conflict of interest, references, tables, and figure legends. Appendix materials and figures should be in separate files.


Title Page

The title page should give complete information about the author (i.e. full name, graduated degree (s), affiliation, and name of the institution in which the work was done).  Clearly identify the corresponding author and provide the author’s mailing address (includes phone number, fax number, and email address) The title, if empirical study, should normally show the independent variables(s) and dependent variable; if Reviews, the theme of the review with a semi-colon followed by “A systematic review”


Abstract with Keywords

The abstract submitted for publication should not exceed 300 words and must conform to the four-section health showing problem statement/aim of the study or brief review, methodology, results/findings, and conclusion/recommendations. Keywords should not exceed five and be consistent with terms as listed in the National Library of Medicine Medical Subject Headings Index (



When submitting a manuscript, double-space everything, including the title page abstract, references, tables, and figure legends. Indent paragraphs; leave one extra space between paragraphs.

After a period, leave only one space before beginning the next sentence. Use 12-point Times New Roman font and format with regard to right margins (left align). Italicize (rather than Underline) scientific names when needed.


Body of the Manuscript

The manuscript format should follow the America Psychological Association (APA) referencing guide 6th edition. This can be accessed online at all



The American psychological association (APA) referencing guide 6th edition. Do not use endnotes for references.



 Provide a table within the manuscript file, not as separate files. Use the MS Word table too, with no columns, tabs spaces, or other programs. Footnote any use of boldface. Tables should be no wider than 17cm. condense or divide larger tables. Extension tables may be made available online only.



Submit editable figures as separate files (e.g., Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint). Photographs should be submitted in high-resolution (600 dpi) TIF or JPG files. Do embed in the manuscript files. Use Arial 10pt. or 12pt. font for lettering so that figures, symbols lettering, and numbering can remain legible when reduced to print size. Place figure keys within the figure. Figure legends should be placed at the end of the manuscript file.

Types of Articles

Empirical Research

Articles should not exceed 3,500 words and 50 references. Use four main Headings as, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion and recommendations. Use of Subheadings under main headings in the main body of the text is recommended,

but must be in italics light, such as study design, population, instrument design and measures, ethical consideration and Data Analysis appearing under methods. Photographs and epidemiologic results within a public health perspective. Explain the value of research in public health terms and place the finding in a larger perspective (i.e., “The study found the following, and this is the implications for practice”).

Systematic Reviews

Articles should be no more than 3,000 words and should be divided into sections, Introduction, methods (search strategy, inclusion, and Exclusion criteria of studies, selection of studies, assessment criteria, Data extraction and synthesis, Data interpretation)  Results (Study characteristics-strengths/weakness, Assessment of findings from studies reviewed), Discussion and conclusion ( Discussion of implications of findings and what has been established by the review, strengths, and limitations, implication for public health practice, conclusions). Provide a brief abstract (50 words); references (not to exceed 50); figures or illustrations (not exceed 2); tables (not exceed 2).

Letter and Perspectives

JAIPH publishers Letters that report field observations, innovative perspectives in Public Health Practice. Authors should provide a short abstract (75-words maximum), reference (not to exceed 10), and a short biographical sketch. These letters should not exceed 800 words in the main body and may include either 1 figure or 1 table. Do not divide Letters into sections.

Data Notes

JAIPH encourage the publication of data synthesized from reviews and fieldwork to communicate the nature of finding and trends. The author should comment on the purpose of the data presentation and implication of such data into not more than 500 in the main body and may include either 1 figure or 1 table. If the data set is part of a large study, the author should indicate and describe the original study briefly.

Conference Summary

Summaries of public health conference activities (500-1,000 words) are published. They should be submitted no later than four months after the conference and focus on events, proceedings, and resolutions at the conference. Provide illustrations, references, and briefs to full reports of conference activities.



We welcome brief announcements of timely events of interest to our readers.

Processing and Publication Fees

An initial submission fee of $50.00 (Fifty US Dollars) should accompany every manuscript submitted. This would be a processing fee for the editorial decision on manuscripts conforming to the accepted required standard and a publication fee of $100 (One Hundred US Dollars) paid into the institute’s account (African Institute of Public Health professionals, United Bank for Africa UBA, 3003290946, Swift Code: UNAFNGLA, USD account) following acceptance to publish. After publication, a copy of the volume in which the author’s article has appeared would be mailed to the corresponding author for distribution to co-authors.