Pre-Conference Workshops: “to be held in Ain Shams Faculty of Medicine”

Workshop 1: Resilience of Health System (Community Medicine Department, ASU)

Moderator: Prof. Maha El Gafary

  • Building blocks of the healthcare system
  • Performance of healthcare system during crisis – resilience-enhancing strategy
  • Resilience defined – KPA and KPI to assess and drive the development of resilient health organizations and systems
  • Success stories and lessons learned – Factors enhancing and inhibiting resilience.
  • Research areas in HC system resilience


Workshop 2: Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (Ain Shams University)

Moderator: Prof. Samia Abdou

Historical aspects of NTDs

  • Basic facts of NTDs and the situation in Africa
  • Preventive chemotherapy and treatment control
  • Success stories and challenges in combating NTDs.
  • How to tailor and improvement project and action plan design




Post Conference Workshop: “to be held in Galala University”

Workshop 3: Climate Changes and human Health

Moderator: Prof, Mohamed El Shinawi and Prof. Gehan

Speaker: Prof. Noha Samir Donia (Faculty of Environment Studies, ASU)